The Vikings will not play LNHH in Ice Hockey 2023-2024!


Good Luck to La Liga Season 2023-2024

Nordic Vikings just wish La Liga Hielo Good Luck in the Upcoming Season starting on Saturday – and hope to see you on the Road From Nordic Vikings point…

“Next Game – La Liga Season 2023-2024”

Next Game – Nordic Vikings look for La Liga Season 2023-2024 However The La Liga Hockey Hielo will still be interesting to follow. Here is the Gameschedule If you…

Nordic Vikings Games in LNHH – La Liga National Hielo 2021-2022

Nordic Vikings Games Results and Schedule just follow the Links. PS – The La Liga Games could be followed “Virtual”  check on Games, could also be…

2021-2022 Roster

Nordic Vikings currently working with the Rooster and set up for Playing in LNHH – La Liga National Hielo in Spain season 2021-2022 Nordic Vikings Legends Season In Asia…