La Liga Hielo Update: Majadahonda set for Play Off – ending third in the League

La Liga Hockey Hielo Update: Now Majadahonda is set to Play Off in March, but it still games in February against Barca  (

– and after that WC in Madrid 16-21 April

With Spain celebrating 100 years of Hockey and as you now “Football is easy y Hockey et Duro”

The Arrival of Edwin Lindström has changed the Majadahonda season from the risk to miss the play off to qualify to play off in just 4 games. The first game against Txuri Hurdin became a stable victory with 7-2, which open the light to play off again. In the next weekend the Puigcerda back-to-back games settled a possibility to not just reach play off. It started with an overtime win over Puigcerda which created an important mental momentum and Majadahonda then secured another 3-pointer on Sunday. Two  weekends ago the Millenio games was just for the protocol and the 4th straight win secured the playoff seat.  

This weekend Majadahonda took another 3 pointers against Huarte Pamplona with 5-4 in a tight battle where John Wedin scored a shorthand winner late. Majadahonda will become third in the League and will meet FC Barcelona in playoff, but it is also still the back-to-back games against FC Barcelona in the regular season 25-26 February so it will be a lot of games against FC Barcelona in the end of the season.            

Of course, both Edwin Lindström, with his quality skills, and John Wedin, who is in the top of points in the Majadahonda team this year, a skater with force in both directions, have had a big impact of the team, but I think it also in place to mention some of the Spanish players. Starting with the goalies, Barbo and Hernandez good goalies but they are both under 90% this season and the young talent Mampel just got 20 minutes so far. Basically that is not just the goalies it is about the whole teams work without the puck and specially in the own zon. Leading the defence is the Captain Alfonso Garcia, who carry the team in both directions, other defencemen to mentioned is the small defencemen Pablo Zarandieta, with a good eye for the game and finally Alberto Martinez. Going to forwards many of the Spanish Forwards are good with the puck and Pablo Mata is a great young technical talent that could do everything with his stick when he has the puck. Among other forwards Jose Hernandez has a strong season so far. Then you have the Sanchez, Alvaro and Javier, the Martins, Pablo, and Alex Butragueno Martin – yes, the sister son to football legend and icon Emilio. Also look at Bosco Hernando, brother to Bruno Hernando who played for Nordic Vikings last season. One of my favourite players is Angel Fernandez-Pola a big loyal player who is serious. He is a player that all teams need, good in both directions, and important to balance the team. I hope he will find motivation now to go full speed into the last part of the club season as he could add mayor pieces to the team. The coach Carlos, has also been there some years now and worked with the group for a while with a focus to have players with good attitude –  and we will see if that could be materialized this year as I see it the opportunity for reaching the final is there, and then you never know…    

Majadahonda also have another player registered for them that could add strength to both the club and later National Team in WC – Arkaitx “El Matador” Edgren Corral a Spanish and Vikings player that has been knee injured since he was registered to Majadahonda in December 2021. If this flamboyant defenceman could make his way back, not just on pitch, It also need some paperwork, he is a person that could change the whole play in Spain also for the National Team in WC in Madrid. However, in WC we will probably see another player with Nordic Vikings background and that is Dorian Donath Sanchez – who is a hardworking player that could produce goals and points.

So, my last worlds here will be – Go for It on all Levels….     

1 CH JACA                                  18  17-0-1-0    51                      108-38-234

2BARÇA HOCKEY GEL              16  12-0-4-0    36                      106-53-252

3 SH MAJADAHONDA             16  8-2-6-0       28                      90-69-245

4 CG PUIGCERDA                     17  7-1-8-1       24                      99-92-256

5 TXURI URDIN (San Sebast) 17  6-0-10-1    19                      79-81-268

6 HUARTE (Pamplona)            16  5-0-10-1    16                      62-82-354

7 MILENIO PANTH (Logrono) 18  1-0-17-0    3                        41-170-352

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