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The Final Count Down, became a Draw against Puigcerda, an exciting close game in the taste of the audience

The Final Count Down, became a Draw against Puigcerda, and you should might be happy with a point against the best Team in La Liga so far but today it was needed 7 rounds in the penalties to take out the winner…Ignat Zemchenko came out with two goals and became the difference….

I do not think I have taken a draw like this before… The referee gave Puigcerda so many penalties and minutes, so their excellent Power Play line in Puigcerda became tired of just playing to much Power Play, It looked like they had eating to many Pancakes in the end…. However The Vikings figthed well and did just give one PP Goal to Puigcerda today…. on 20 minutes in Power Play !!!! … The Vikings Box Play today was good but also Oscar Lööf in the Goal had a great day….And due to all Box Play Vikings also scored two goals in Power Play today….

The Point against Puigcerda also meant that Vikings have taken points on all Spanish Teams this season….It to early to summarize the season but it hurt a little that we have lost the extra point in 4 of 5 draws…. However we did a much better Team Performance today, so we leave Spain with some proud and ending the season with a good performance…


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