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Nordic Vikings Games in LNHH – La Liga National Hielo 2021-2022

Nordic Vikings Games Results and Schedule just follow the Links.


Current Program 15 October 2021 (All Games are due to Change)

NOR (Nordic Vikings Madrid),

FCB(FC Barcelona),

MIL(Millenio Panthers – Logrono),

CHJ (CH Jaca), TXU (Txuri Hurdin San Sebastian)

MAJ (Majadahonda Madrid) CGP( CG Puigcerda),

HUA (Huarte Pamplona)


2-10 J3 NOR vs CHJ – 15.15 Nevera Rink Majadahonda 4-3

9-10 J4 NOR vs TXU – 14.50 Nevera Rink Majadahonda 3-4

12-10 J5 NOR vs MAJ – 15.00 Nevera Rink Majadahonda 1-5  SOLD OUT

23-10 J6 HUA vs NOR – 15.00 Huarte Pamplona

24-10 J13 HUA vs NOR – 14.40 Huarte Pamplona

30-10 J7 CGP vs NOR

31-10 J20 CGP vs NOR 

4-11 Friendly FCB vs Nor

6-11 J8 FCB vs NOR

20-11 J10 NOR vs HUA 

21-11 J1 NOR vs FCB 

4-12 J12 MAJ vs NOR

6-12 J20 CHJ vs NOR

18-12 J14 TXU vs NOR



8-1 J15 NOR vs FCB

15-1 J16 NOR vs MIL,

16-01 J11 NOR vs CGP

22-1 J17 NOR vs CHJ

These Games Needs to be Reschedule as Nordic Vikings Leave Spain 25 January

5-2 J19 NOR vs MAJ

26-2 J21 NOR vs MIL

25-9 J2 MIL vs NOR (Post Phoned and New date will be Released)




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