Nordic Vikings Award – “Football is Easy and Hockey e Duro” when Perka became 60 and Finacial Hearings 30..

Nordic Vikings Award was announced when Perka became 60 and Finacial Hearings became 30.

The Nordic Vikings Part

Here are the Winners ( Film in Swedish)

MVP Most Valuable Player: Edwin Lindström,

Best Forward: Edwin Lindström,

Best Two Way Forward: Andreas Eklund,

Best Defensemen: Robert Alvarez Holmström,

Best Goalie Oscar Lööf

Other Awards, Best Spanish Player: Alejandro Cumming, Rookie of the Year: Bruno Hernandes, Coaches Choice: John Wedin, Best Finnish Player Aki Virtanen and Aleksi Junninen, Best Team Mate: Morgan Chavez.


Most Points – Edwin Lindström 31 Most Goals – Edwin Lindström 20, Most Assist – Andreas Eklund 24, third in whole League, Best Plus/Minus – Robert Alvarez Holmström, Edwin Lindström plus 15, Most Games – Robert Alvarez Holmström, Morgan Chavez all 21 Games


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