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Congrats to CH Jaca for the Double in Spain – next is WC in Madrid starting 16 April

Big Congratulations to CH Jaca – who took the Double in Spain 2022-2023 Season.

Last weekend CH Jaca won the 5th final against FC Barcelona in front of a full house almost 2000 saw the game live in Jaca who won the game in overtime. This weekend they won the Copa del Rey in Madrid, in Palacio del Hielo in Hortaleza with 3-2 again over FC Barcelona to clinch the Double.

Next Sunday 16 April the IIHF World Championship will start in Madrid in Hortaleza. Here we will see a lot of well known faces among them Dorian Donath Sanchez with a Nordic Vikings background. This year it is also the celebration of 100 years of Hockey in Spain.

All the Best Nordic Vikings

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