Some comments from the League Opener in La Liga in Spain with HC Porto

The Spanish la Liga Season is now also mowing…. First out was the Porto Team, with a lot of players from Latvia inserted. In the League Opener against Majadahonda they lost 8-1, but in the next Round played in Palacio del Hielo in Madrid they did a quite even game against Txuri Hurdin 3-5.  I think it is to early to say to much of this Team yet – as they have quality but the preparations has not been so easy. I think they will add to good hockey in La Liga going forward and also add a new language to the League which means that Spain and Portugal now also insert the whole Latin America Language wise in their core market of the La Liga League.

Going to the other Teams. First Logrono Millenio Panters with a new coach as Åke Liljebjörn now left for another League. The still have ice problems in september so hard to judge them right now. Huarte Pamplona, lost their best player Pablo Zaballa to Txuri Hurdin, but the young Team is one year older so it will be interesting to follow if they could add more points than last season. Txuri will might be a little bit stronger than last season and is always a tuff team to play. With Pablo Zaballa and the two Slovakian imports will be interesting to see going forward. I still believe that it will be much up to if Juan Munoz will play a lot of games for them if they will be able to move up as he is so important for the balance in the Team. Barcelona lost Julian Edström to Puigcerda this season and are still out of Ice until Christmas. It is therefore hard to judge “Barca” and they can might came into the contension in the later part of the season, but for now I think it will be three Teams fighting in the top.

Jaca the current Champions is the favorite as they probably brought in the best player in the League in David Goodwin. I think he is the right quality player for the Jaca Team to add to their own stars and young generation coming. Then we have the the two League stars now connected in Puigcerda, Ignat Zemchenko and Julian Edström. Togteher with Nacho Granell it is the best PP Unit in the League. However I am not sure the whole Team is broad enough to win the title this year, but you never know. I think the runner up this year will be Majadahonda. It is a new young coach with a more structured way to play in a quite young Team and it might help them as I believe many of their players are hungry for a title. When Nordic Vikings John Wedin coming back in late October from his injury they will got a new dimension to their great start of the season with 2 wins.

This is for now… But the season is long, and still injuries, new imports and other team developments could change the game… Perka



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