Nordic Vikings congratulate Jaca La Liga Champions in the final 5 game against Majadahonda

Jaca became La Liga Hielo Champions in the final 5 game against Majadahonda, after coming back from 0-2 in the series, to first tie the series in two games in Madrid.  

Sometimes culture play a big part in Sport and in this final I think the culture in the end made the difference. Jaca had to dig deep in the culture to come back from 0-2 in the series and win two away games in Madrid last weekend to level the series to 2-2. In the final fifth game they were in control of the game and it is just for Nordic Vikings to congratulate the Champions Jaca.

I also think it is right to congratulate the runner up Majadahonda for a fantastic final series and a really strong season. The Team is moving in the right direction with the whole culture.

I wrote before the series started that if Majadahonda could win one of the first three games it would put the series to a new mental point as Jaca, was the main favourite before the final but it is not always easy to be the big favourite.

Majadahonda – started the series well in the first game, but was outplayed in the second period before they came back. In that game everything happened in that second period.  Then they won on overtime. In the second game Jaca fell asleep after a great start, and lost heavily in the end and the shake up was done. When the series then got to Madrid the expectations was boiling, but the third game became a disappointment for Majadahonda and Jaca won it quite clear. In the fourth game Majadahonda started well, lost the grip in second, but in the mid third it was 3-3….and if that score had been there for a while you never know… But a “To Hot Player” Majadahonda player lost his head and put in a checking to the head, and then that day was destroyed and the hopes of a second title for Majadahonda.

I think in Jaca, the Mekka of Hockey in Spain, the new generation have really learned what could happen if you not respect the culture and take things for granted as they almost lost the Championship this year. In Majadahonda we have got a team, with hunger, that could almost smell the victory. Next year Barcelona will be back and probably will also Puigcerda, Txuri reload their campagnes, so it will be really interesting to follow La Liga Hielo next season.

However this Club season is not over yet. Already next weekend it will be Copa del Rey so it is still another chance to get a title for John Wedin and Majadahonda Team…..

The Professor….


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