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The Day when Spanish League, came to NHL2022…. Los Vikingos salubrated with Russian Klapp-Klapp play in Logrono

Just 2 Hours before the La Liga Hielo game between Nordic Vikings and Millenio Panthers from Logrono, the new NHL2022 was released with the Spanish League… It actually became the Day when Spanish League, came to NHL2022….

Los Vikingos went out and salubrated with Classic Russian Klapp-Klapp play…. and finally won the La Liga Game with 8-2…

However the game started quit tight and if not the Goalie Oscar Loof had been on his toes, it could have been a tuff evening for the Vikings – The opening goal from Edwin Lindström gave a little bit of wind for Vikings, and after 4-0 with several real nice goals, the break came with a brawl – to finally clinch and mark that the game was over – And after that the teams could go over to a more entertaining part of Hockey, where both teams produced some propaganda goals… The best player voted by the Vikings Player became Gonzalo Diaz who did his first two assists for the season…. Yes I know that it is just one in the official protocol however sometimes it is better that not everything is there in protocol from this game….

But today the real Hockey Hero for the Spanish League is Fransisco… who plays In Line Hockey in Madrid who have done all base work with the NHL2022 Game… That Hopefully the whole Spanish Continent will play, and players could might soon meet him personally…



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