The Viking Player Dorian Donath Sanchez scored the game winner for Spain against Georgia in front of 1200 to take a mayor Step to Reach WC Final against Croatia

Nordic Vikings player Dorian Donath Sanchez scored the game winner against Georgia in a “Magic Night” for Spanish Ice Hockey,  in front of 1200 spectators in Madrid, to take a mayor step to reach a WC Final on Saturday against Croatia in…

This evening it became a high intense game with everything on stake for both team – who had won their first two games in the series and both fighting to be the main final opponent to the favourite Croatia to take the Top spot in the is WC, and to move up to Div 1 level. For Spain it would be the first time in 11 years to come up… Talking about the game it was the third, where it normally could come a bad and slow game after inspirational start of the tournament, but instead this game became a batttle in full speed between two team that was really going for it.  This was a great Team Effort with hardworking Ice Hockey in 60 minutes from both Teams, however some players stood out a little bit more – in Spain – The Goalie Raul Barbo – with a clean sheet, Alfonso Garcia Majadahonda Captain in the defence and last typically for this type of game, the hard working two way forward Dorian Donath Sanchez, a former Nordic Viking player, that put in his noose and did the important first goal – He was also on the ice to hold the game when the 2-0 came in open net just in the last second of the game

Dorian is a player who has been Ice Hockey educated in Sweden and played together with many Nordic Vikings Players in both Inline Hockey and Ice Hockey. He was brought into the Spanish National Team system in J20 by Sport Director Maurizio Manzi. Today this hardworking player really put in something extra for Spain.…. Next is Iceland on Friday and then Croatia on Saturday…

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