La Liga Hielo Play Off – Majadahonda vs Barcelona in San Sebastian 11-12 March

La Liga Hielo Play Off – Majadahonda lost first game against Barcelona 5-4… after having the game – but due to Julian Edström leading Barca Power Play with three goals and then scored a late winner it means that Majadahonda needs to win game 2 and 3 will in San Sebastian this weekend – In the other Semifinal Jaca won against Puigcerda – Look at  (

Meanwhile – from Sweden in TV Show Wikegård vs … some Hockey People…. Niklas meet the former Majadahonda Legend Kent Nilsson – leading the team to La Liga Victory 1999. His old coach Ingvar “Putte “ Karlsson said “ The best Players in the world see all of his other teammates on the ice – but then if you go down a level they just see 3, and on the next level just 2…. etc.. So I think it is a good exercise for you to ask yourselves how many players do you see on the ice when you play or look at a game ?

Kent Nilsson won titles in 6 Countries first in WHA for Winnepeg Jets, with Anders Hedberg, Ulf Nilsson and Bobby Hall then in NHL for Edmonton with Wayne Gretzky, SHL for Djurgården, Italy for Bolzano and in Spain for Majadahonda….  

But check him up..

He is still registrated for Majadahonda as it was the last Team he played for before he hang up 1999

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