Two new Players sign for Nordic Vikings – ” It goes fast in Hockey and we vill go from -35 to +35″ says Martin Kyrö and Pontus Vestin

Martin Jatko Kyrö, is a young talented righty with skills and a family with finnish roots, that have showed he could score and Pontus Vestin is a stable defensive defensmen… “It goes fast in Hockey sometimes and we will go from -35 in the Nordic Vinter to Madrid where we have understood it could be +35 also in September some days. We are both excited for this opportunity to combine the Ice Hockey with the School and the Sun “says Martin and Daniel. Martin and Daniel has earlier in the season tried to catch up with a team in Stockholm, but had to go back to Luleå when this unexpected turn came up…

Nordic Vikings is now completing the Nordic Roster for the Campaign – ” I think both of this players comes in to group quite well and completing our Roster in the mid section – They are also players that comes from Northern Sweden with great potential, where it could be quite cold winter time. Former Players in Nordic Vikings from the North of Sweden has been Fredrik Näsvall, but also Fredrik Öberg, has been involved in several tours and has also been advisor to the Colombian Skating Federation… After this two players we still have options for 3 Nordic Players in Vikings – but also for 3 Players to Majadahonda, but that is the last options for players to play in Madrid this year “Says Per-Erik Holmström

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