Summary of Nordic Vikings 10 year in China.. an unbeaten Record Part 2

Summary of
Nordic Vikings 10 year in China..It has been a great anniversary year for
Nordic Vikings in China… Part 2

In this year
Nordic Vikings have also introduced and started the Bandy development in China
with the Bandy Winter Classic in Chengde, supported by Sandvik with world class
teams as Sandviken AIK and Bajkal Energy from Irkutsk. Then Hans Elis Johansson
formed a team that took part in the Bandy World Championship in Khabarovsk,
where Johan Chang, became the best player in the whole tournament scoring 17
goals for China. Next year it will be the Ladies on stage in USA…

All our Teams has included Asian and especially Chinese Player, we look forward to increase that part and hopefully we are                                                                                        back there soon…said Per-Erik Holmström…assisted by the Nordic Vikings
Captain, 15 year old Daniel Zhang, who have participated in all Bandy and Ice
Hockey games on the Men side this year

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