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Merry Christmas – Draw against Txuri, and then a “Christmas Gift “of the extra point…from Santa Claus

I think I will start with Merry Christmas to Txuri – as I think we gave them a lot of Christmas gifts today….

If you look at the game as such Vikings won the game 5 on 5 with 2-0 and another good performance in the play… But we lost the game in Special Team with 0-3…to 2-3 after the Overtime Christmas Gift Goal that became the Crown Juvel of the Day as such. With that headlines in mind you might think that the referees, was involved… However overall I think they did a good job – and both teams was given 20 minutes each in the penalty boxes, most of this was crystal clear… So finally a Christmas gift and Merry Christmas to the Referees… And I really think some of the players on both sides should think of what they are doing out there ? Is this the type of game we want ?…On our side we gave away two Shorthand Goals and one Power Play goal today in the 30 minutes of Special Teams, that became the difference today….

However going to some positive things instead… We had senior debut of the young Spanish goalie Roberto Mampel, he should be a  contender to join the Spanish J18 WC Team after Christmas… and he had 93% today… due to one Christmas Gift to Txuri with the 1-2 goal… However the former NHL and Vezina Trophy winner Pelle Lindberg gave one of these gifts in each game the whole first season in  SHL… And if you take that away he is over 95 % today… The Txuri goalie had 95 %..and also played good – However he was involved in the fighting situation with Mendieta and Andersson…

In the game as such Vikings took the Lead 1-0 by the Legends, Jappi (Happy) and Cumming. Today I think Jappi was one of our best players. Then Txuri scored the equalizer 1-1 in the Power Play all in the first…. In the second Txuri took the lead by Mampels, Christmas gift 1-2…also a shorthand goal. Vikings scored the equalizer 2-2 by Robert Alvarez (His first goal in La Liga ) in the third …. and then the game was Draw. In the overtime we gave Txuri the last Big Christmas Gift in Power Play , by another shorthand goal….

Well today it is far from a Happy ….. However the players that manage to change their flight tickets, had a Great Weekend in San Sebastian, It is a beautiful city and the weather was perfect… I have some connections to the city, since I was here and did “Vuelta de Navarra” 1986…

So Merry Christmas to Everyone… from Santa Claus and Vikings



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