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Los Vikingos, won the Toro Series against Kosner Huarte with 2-1 after 10-4 in the Final Game…

Los Vikingos won the “Toro” Series against Kosner Huarte from Pamplona this season with 2-1 after the 10-4 win today

But again you need to respect “Popis” young Team… It was 2-2 after the first period…. However we played well today already in the first and moved the puck well from the beginning. Then we played really good in the second and killed the game there – In the third everyone did their job and notable today was 5+ from Pontus Vestin with 4 points, Juan Bravo first goal of the season – Then two goals from Morgan Chaves, in front of his father Orlando… Finally the first game in 5 weeks from Andreas Eklund 2 points and 2+… and our own “Stig Helmer” was always back there in the right place….

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