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China Bandy Ready for WC in Vänersborg, supported by Nordic Vikings

China Bandy ready for WC in Vänersborg –

This year most of the Hokay players is involved in VHL as China has increased the number of Team from 1 to 3…. However we will see some players back from the Original Teams as Gao Ping, Yu Qitai and Huang Fulong from Harbin and the will be assisted by Lui Fuija, Jin Shengli, Yu Mingrunze and Goalie Zhou Tongzhe from Hokay. From Nordic Vikings will attend Magnus Lu, (Ready Norway), Daniel Zhang and Truls Yu Longen Nordgren and Per-Erik Holmström

FIB Referee Sang Hong will also participate in the Tournament

Team will be lead by Li Bindong, Per-Erik Holmström

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