The Spanish Legends, is an important key to success for Los Vikingos

Los Vikingos, is a team with Nordic Players but it also host an important group of Spanish Players – One part of that is the “Legends”….

Right now Javier Madrigal, Hugo Zaragoza and Gonzalo Diaz is key persons in the integrations of the Spanish Players and help the team with the communication….. The Legends have played an important role in the Team so far and against Huarte Pamplona it was the Legends Line with Alejandro Cumming, who made the major impact on the game in points… Alejandro Pedraz, currently with a lower body injury, have also done great job together with Juan Bravo, Adrian Gonzales, and (Happy) Javier Arias-Garcia also comming back from his wedding it looks good. This weekend we also saw Javier Navorro for the first time this season.. and he seemed to have been inspired by the wild animals in South Africa…. If we just could get that “lipstick” on their Girl Friends… We will look really Hot…. However they all also play an important role of the friendly integration of Los Vikingos in LNHH… And we should not forget that Pancho is our President…. In This game against Txuri The Legends did the First Shift but also the Last Shift…

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Good Luck to La Liga Season 2023-2024

Nordic Vikings just wish La Liga Hielo Good Luck in the Upcoming Season starting on Saturday – and hope to see you on the Road From Nordic Vikings point…