Nordic Vikings Youth Teams dominated BST Camps in Stockholm

* Nordic Vikings Youth team, have largely done a grand slam in spring BST cups…
*The younger team, took home BST Cup, age group born 2000, against many of the nation’s top players after six straight wins. In one of the winning games all the goals was scored with backhands…. 
*They also knocked out The Selected Bauer Pre Camp Team the weekend after…
*The elderly team, who probably had the toughest task this spring, was second in BST Cup for age group J 18, born 97-98. For this achievement must be added that we basically came up with players born 99 against several J18 players, born 97-98, with national team merits…so we finally get beated in the last game of the season.
*The Youth Team Rooster During Spring 2014 
Goalies, Oliver Söderström, Anna Ågren, Leo Hedman, Jesper Otternäs, Linus Rosengård
Defensmen, Daniel Chang (Captain), Martin Bräck, Lucas Nordsäter, Robert Holmström, Adrian Lundström, Filip Lindblom, Petter Sonesson, Olle Rydberg, Albin Ryding, Oscar Söderström, Måns Alm
Forwards, Edwin Beccau, William Nielsen, Sebastian Lind, Jesper Lind, Alexander Pettersson, Calle Wassenius, Joar Rosengård, Filip Jacobsson, Linus Karlsson, Albin Larsson, Carl Lagergren, Felix Rosvall, Viktor Wiriden (Captain), Sebastian Wetterström, Hannes Unneberg, Marcus Örnelius, Filip Lindqvist, William Falk, Hugo Sundberg, Kevin Lindberg, Lucas Ahlsmo

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