Nordic Vikings lost after a new serious concussion that looked like a “Ordered Job” from Puigcerda Bench

Puigcerda – Nordic Vikings 5-1 (2-0)(3-1)(0-0)

Today we put the Finnish Goalie Ville Kaukkila in the net for the first time and from a tuff start he did okey – with the save of the game as the top spot… However today the Team needed more from the goalie to be able to compete.  Looking at the Result the game was over after second. Today we also had a new concussion in the end of first. It was Robert Alvarez who was taken out in something that looked as a “Real Job” from my point of view.  He seems at least to be okey, even if he not played any more and of course it took out a little bit of the skating capacity in our defense today. We will put this accident to “Discipline Committe” and have no further comments on that… However I want to thank my Team for the Third period, the end of the Game, and the whole Weekend – We came here to play Hockey and we have done it – Our visit to Puigcerda is over and so far in the League we have not injured any player in any of the team we met…..and If you look at the 5 on 5 play over the weekend it was another result… The score was actually 3-1 in the first game to Nordic Vikings…

Puigcerda fight for their existens in the Ice Hockey world and they have a team for the title this year, for me it is more a way of the style they want to do it with. For me it is a clear line to not go over… It is something for them to think of in the future… Do teams need to take the dirtiest players in Europe with them up here to be able to protect themselves ? Is that the direction ? … Well it is something the League has to think of… Players like 23 Arraras and I have heard rumors about 19 Rabiot from other players in the league, is the type of players that comes in with late hits and dirty play, not just in this weekend.. They are not adding anything to the play more than to scary people – and seems not really here for the Ice Hockey…. However it is fun to see the Puigcerda player 10 Ignat Zemchenko, he has the respect from the whole of our team….but also him – gave our finish player Aleksi a checking from behind – when the game was over and it was time to go home, why ? …Is it the culture up here ?… By the way Aleksi Junninen from Fuengirola Lions might have been the best Nordic Viking player this weekend…


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