Nordic Vikings – Invited Colombian National Team to the Latino Camp in Stockholm

Per-Erik Holmström Nordic Vikings and Lars G Karlsson Swedish Ice Hockey has been involved in the creation of the Latino Camp together with Micke Kempe and Kempe Inspiration. This year we will also have the Colombian National Team here and in that process has also Anders Näsström Swedish Inline Federation been Involved together with Robert Alvarez Holmström, who meet the Colombian National Team in WC in the Spring in Asiago.

This year the Camp will cover Ice Hockey, covered by Micke Kempe, who also has a Spanish background, and Per-Erik Holmström. “It will be both practice and games and we will end the Ice part with a day for Bandy – Before we have some International Inline Games between Sweden and Colombia on the Schedule.  The Camp Players will also visit Sweden Hockey Games in Södertälje and see Tre Kronor Live.

“Micke and I had started to search for Spanish and Latino Players together when this opportunity arose from the Colombian side” says Per-Erik Holmström President for Nordic Vikings. So far has this player shown an interest.


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