First Goal from Chinese Player Weyyang

First Goal from Chinese Player Weyyang, but defeat agains Cranes

The first game in Japan give us the first goal from a Chinese player. It was Zhang Weiyang who scored for Vikings othervise the game became a real chock for the New Asian Team Nordic Vikings…The Asia League contender Nippon Paper Cranes turned out to be hard ball to tackle and Vikings lost with 1-8… I have hoped to get a better start as a Sport Manager in Japan, but we meet a much better team. Nippon Paper Cranes was actually a whole number bigger than us today and I think the game sheet tell the right story.. it was almost no Nordic Player on the Ice tonight,…..I knew the strength of the Japanese team before and now also our player could feel the strength of the Japanese Teams…but tomorrow is a new day and we will see what a night sleep could do for us…. because it is a new Game Day already tomorrow…

Shin Yahata Larsson reports from Hokkaido

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