The Three Players that initiated the Nordic Vikings – Madrid Campaign 2021-2022, Edwin Lindström, Andreas Eklund, Andreas Andersson

Edwin Lindström – Heard about the Nordic Vikings plans for Spanish League, in a dressing room and connected Andreas Eklund, who linked Edwin to Per-Erik. The former Huddinge Players was  pretty soon also linked to the former MoDo player Andreas Andersson who joined the Group. These three players then started to do the work to find more players. In the same time as Per-Erik worked and proceeded with the process already started with the La Liga Nacional Hockey Hielo, 3 years ago.

“Yes It has been many turns in this project but hopefully we could now start it. It should have started in Granada already 2019, but we have to wait when not the University Program was in place. Last year 2020 the Corona stopped it and in the wave of that one of the Rinks in Igloo was killed by the Corona, so it did not looked great in front of the 2021-2022 season, but then suddenly the pieces was there. First came this group of players – most of them with a base in Huddinge J20 and then the opportunity to play in Madrid in Palacio Del Hielo(2.500)  suddenly opened up and then the opportunity looked really strong – with also the “Virtual Tool” with the “Saturday Hockey Nights” in La Liga Sport also seems to be there supported by material from SHL and Djurgården” Says Per-Erik

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