The Professor Honor and Thanks Chengde City for WC and all Winter Classic

I wish to Thank and Honor Mr Guo and Chengde City – for not just the Woman World Championship, also all the Winter Classics gave me deeper understanding of sport is really a about, what it should be and what it comes from – It is obvious that it comes from the Nature and shall always have a natural part in our ESG surrondings in Life…

In the Chengde Park – I have spent my most memorable days of my Life… with the “Crown Juvel” the Bandy World Championship Final against Russia and Sweden, with Sweden as a close winner…

Sometimes a picture tells you more than 1000 worlds-  And just look at the girl on the picture – She seems to already looking forward to the Olympics – If just all the Leaders in the World could understand that….It would be an easy task to get there

Chinese Professor and Nordic Vikings President Per-Erik Holmström



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