Swedish Coach, Magnus Andersson comment the start of the La Liga Nacional Hockey Hielo

The Swedish Coach Magnus Andersson was involved in the first three rounds in LLNHH, and when he now need to go back to Sweden he has comment his impression of the Liga as such…

First I want to thank our Team, and hope that the boys will progress… “It has been a pleasure being with the boys, and girls… It is a lot of talent in many of the players, however it is also a work to get out their real potential … I will miss them as it is always a little bit special to be involved in a team and the process around it”

Second I think “LLNHH its much better than its reputation in Sweden and I think especially the attitude from the Swedish Hockey, will change after this season” . For the Nordic Vikings Team all players have now understood that this will not be “Just a Walk in the Park”… It is not just always about the results short term, but so far the results it might be a little bit under expectations… On the other hand the Team has come into the League on a fair level – It will be competition in each game. It is always a process with Teams and the play differs a little but during the season so we should not judge to quick…

Third – If I look at it from Spanish Point of view – I think the Back to Back system now starting to be used more will be good for the players, audience and coaches as it gives more games and also more thinking of how to use the energy. It will also give players some free weekends to reload and it will save money – just less bus and more play. I also think when I look on the Spanish Teams game preparation and the off ice things, it is now similar to other places in the world. It means they are better prepared and could go for more games also physically.

Fourth – “Then of course it still some differences in the way to value the play and the tactics…In the Swedish system the tactics and the control of the puck – is the core things – linked together with the way to handle a result and that seems to be more developed on our side. My Impression of the first games was that it was wide open – However Sport is Sport, and the Swedish controlled play way to play could also be boring to look at, also in Sweden when two teams do not add to much to the offensive play. I think that the best way to test it for both parties is to compete and playing more Games against each other – so it is just to keep on track on the way forward and Spain will might find their own – Hockey Tic i Tac formula – on the Road, as Hockey is always a process”…

Fifth ” The Discussion of the Referees is also something that are in all peoples mind, and here I both agree and disagree a bit with Per-Eriks opinion, (Per-Erik) “The games are “Chicken Farms” not easy for the Referee to judge in – And if you not participate in it you will be pushed out”.. This is a little bit different in Sweden, but not perfect there either… (Per-Erik) “The other thing is the type of late dirty play behind the referees back, not easy for him to see either” Well I heard Per-Erik said that this is the common thing for all development countries in the world – they fight more than they play, but I can not comment that. However hopefully the League will develop the Referees and I agree with Per-Erik that Discipline Committe now with help of the Virtual Tools could give also the Referees some support afterwords….And teach player that you are not always “home free” if not the referee see the bad thing. If you look at the accident with Andreas Eklund, In the Txuri Game, In  Sweden both Txuri Players would be out for many game games (and might other players in both teams would also get penalties) …(Per-Erik) “Here they played the next game because the referee did not report anything” (Per-Erik) … Well is this really true ?

Magnus Andersson is a well known hockey profile in Sweden, with 4 Kids playing Ice Hockey two boys and two girls. He comes from a real Ice Hockey Family from Örnsköldsvik known for producing NHL stars, like Forsberg, Näslund, Sedin Twins and Victor Hedman. During the years he has worked with many teams and levels, from youth to senior on both men and woman side. 

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