Sang Hong, became the first Chinese Referee to judge Games in Sweden

During The International Games between BHA Olympic Woman Team and the Swedish Team, Sang Hong became the First Chinese Referee to judge in Sweden. The former Chinese Woman Hockey Legend, Sang Hong, who participated in the build up of Ice Hockey in China in late 90ties and played both the Olympics and WC for China as a player is today an IIHF merited referee. She is also currently in Sweden to judge Bandy Games as a FIB Referee in World Championship in Vänersborg.

Sang Hong is a Chinese Ice Hockey Legend, from both the First Woman Ice Hockey Team and First Bandy Team, who has played several Olympics and World Championships for China in Ice Hockey and Bandy, that also has become a referee in both Sport on the highest International level – She is also an educated Police Officer, who has great experience to be in real action…





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