Per-Erik Holmstrom Head Coach for China Bandy Ladies with Li Bin Dong in Minneapolis USA

Per-Erik Holmström Nordic Vikings is launching the First Chinese Lady Team in USA World Championship and says “It will be really interesting week and at least I think we will have something to offer the Lady Bandy World just by bringing the Bandy World Championship to China and Chengde 2018”.

Li bin Dong has put together a team combined with young talents and and some old experienced Ladies to this tournament…our goal on the ice is to be here to see and learn said Per-Erik Holmström

李万泽 Li Wanze, Per-Erik Holmström, 李滨东 Li Bin Dong, 岳清爽 Yue Qingshuang, 刘春华Liu Chunhua (Coach), 张晓雯Zhang Xiaowen, 丁晓琳 Ding Xiaolin, 齐欣 Qi Xin, 肖金秋Xiao Jinqiu, 丁思文Ding Siwen, 刘  露Liu Lu, 那梦元 Na Mengyuan, 姜  娜Jiang Na, 高瑞雪Gao Ruixue, 杜宇辰  Du Yuchen, 姜  寒 Jiang Han, 赵书威 Zhao Shuwei, 战慧如 Zhan Huiru, 桑  宏Sang Hong, 赵贞贞Zhao Zhenzhen

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