Nordic Vikings Youth win game against Nässjö in Asia Talent Meeting in Sweden

The Nordic Vikings Youth – meet and won against Nässjö in the Asia Talent Meeting at Lidingö

The Team from last year Chinese Tour Game had a Meeting and added and invited some Talent Developed from the Swedish Ice Hockey.

To the Youth Team we Added Players with Asian Roots

Leo Hedman (Vietnam), Daniel Zhang (China), Adrian Lundström (Korea), Filip Jacobsson (Korea)

Players from Last Year: Oliver and Oskar Söderström, Lucas Nordsäter, Martin Bräck, Linus Karlsson, Robert Alvarez Holmström, Måns Alm

Some new Players: Thor Heden, Filip Lindblom, Carl Wassenius, Linus Ahlen, Lucas Ahlsmo

Leaders – Per-Erik Holmström, Jonas Alm, Jimmy Bräck, Claes Nordsäter


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