Nordic Vikings won Chengde Winter Classic in Ice Hockey and was second in the Bandy Winter Classic

Nordic Vikings won Chengde Winter Classic in Ice Hockey after losing opening game against Maple Leafs on overtime and then it was three straight victories. In the Bandy Winter Classic the Team finally came second(or third according to the Finnish) after some good games against the Finnish team, 4-2 Victory, China National Bandy Team, 8-0 Victory and penalty shoot out loss against Hokay Chengde and the 1-3 Loss against Russian U!6 Champions, 1-3 Loss. In the Nordic Vikings Team – Hannes Axell, Kim Axell, Linus Axell, Martin Bräck, Robert Alvarez Holmström, Per-Erik Holmström, Hans Johansson, Wang Long, Evan Last – Trinity University, Zhang Ludau – Kunlun Red Star and assisted also by Zhou Tongshe, Wang Huai, Zhang Zeesen, and Zhang Han all from Hokay Chengde.

In the Bandy Tournament wins over Finnish Veiterö Legends led by Leo Segerman and a draw against the Russian Junior Champions was just enough to became second in the tournament – after the first loss on overtime against a Chinese team to the Hokay Team  on penalties – However if it should be someone to lose against I am happy that it was to Zhang Yuans Teams as noone in China has done more for the Sports development than him. So I just take my Hat of and congratulate him.. with great friendship – Best Eric

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