Nordic Vikings will represent Beijing in Hokay Cup

Nordic Vikings will represent Beijing in Hosa Sport Cup 28-30 March, Cup named Hokay. Into the Rooster you will find The Swedish Premiership Player Johan Chang, who is probably the best Chinese Player right now in the world. He is assisted by Fredrik Öberg, who is a Swedish National Team Player as well as one of the best Swedish Premiership Players. The Japanese twin brothers, Jiro Nihei, who played for Cranes last season and was the best player in Asia League, and Taro Nihei, who is a former Vikings Player. From Vikings you will also find GM Peter Johansson, Vilhelm Söderlind, Swedish Premiership Player and best defensmen in China 2005-2006, Norwegian Joachim Tangen, Finnish Calle Suuronen, Best point scorer in Vikings 2005-2006. They are assisted by people from Nordic Region and Wall Street with special skills. Last we have also invited the best players from Beijing to play for honor of the City.

Hopefully this will give some Hockey Glamour to the Beijing Hockey Town….


Nordic Vikings was Chinese Asia League Team based in Beijing 2005-2006 who still has the record as the best Chinese Team in Asia League, that hosted both Chinese and Nordic Players 



Best Regards,

Zhang Yuan, Hosa Sport

Owe Andersson, Chairman Nordic Vikings Group and Team

Anders Jonson, CEO Nordic Vikings Group

Per-Erik Holmström, CEO Nordic Vikings Team

Wang Long, Head of Nordic Vikings China

Peter Johansson, General Manager Nordic Vikings

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