Nordic Vikings says a Final Good Bye to JO Waldners bar in China, who closed down during 2010

The Nordic Vikings Old Club Residence – JO Waldners Bar in Sanlitun Beijing, closed down this year and the Nordic Vikings Team wants to give it a great Final Salutation to Christmas and to Jan Owe Waldner…

“When we first came to China  in september 2005, the JO Waldner Bar soon became the core heart of our Team – Here we could eat Classic Swedish Meat Balls and relax between the games and practices. Many of us remember when “Jan Owe the Great One or  -La W – as he is known in China – payed visit there. We also had Chinese Lessons there in Mornings and learned worlds as – left and right in Chinese – very useful for us when we took cabs. However my most memorable thing is actually a Table Tennis Tournament when our Manager started to play against all players in the Team… It started a little bit like a joke – because we did not now or believed Per-Erik had a sense for Sport. We had understood that he could do business and he has got us to China… However he started to beat all players one by one – It dosent matter if it was Chinese or Nordic Players or Leaders… They all lost against this guy…. When it was just me Left… It was not easy I think it became 23-21 in the last set – But I was the Nordic Vikings Captain and someone needed to stop that guy from the Administration. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ” Johan Lindgren Nordic Vikings Captain 2005-2006

Thanks Johan for this contribution – We need a rematch soon – However we also need to Thank Kenny Palmberg and Peter Nilsson for their support during our stay in Beijing, all the best Per-Erik…



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