Nordic Vikings Player – Arkatix “El Matador” Edgren Corral, signed for Majadahonda

Nordic Vikings Player Arkaitx “El Matador” Edgren Corral.  The  Spanish and Swedish Player has been signed for Majadahonda for the season 2021-2022.

“I think Arkaitx has the Potential to be the best Spanish Player and gave him the nick name – EL MATADOR – some years ago – as he is very special player that also is fun to watch. He is also quite complete as a player with his size, stamina, skating and stickhandling capability. He is a righty and could also hit people” Says Per-Erik Holmström

At the moment it is unclear when he could start playing… As he has had a upper body injury the whole season that currently has kept him away from the stickhandling – However he is in good shape and have used the time to practice and competed  in Speed Skating instead…

Picture : Arkaitx in the middle playing for Hammarby in Swedish DIV 1, and also assisting Robert Alvarez Holmström, Tim Linnander, Satira Andersson in Hammarby J18, season 2015-2016 


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