Nordic Vikings meet former coach Xiang Shuqing,(Tripple X) between the Bandy World Cup in Chengde and Harbin

After the successful Woman Bandy Tournament in Chengde and on the way back to Harbin – I meet former Nordic Vikings Coach Xiang Shuqing from Harbin, in the Hokay Club in Beijing, and talked about some old memories – If you look at the photos here you could all see that Nordic Vikings has a central place in his heart and life.

The first Trip to Stockholm and the possibility to train with Tre Kronor for the Chinese Players in the early season practice – A Tre Kronor who won the Olympic Gould Medal in Turin the same season. The the whole Nordic Vikings project with 13 wins in a row before the Kokudo Games in Beijing in front of all this people “The Hausse in Beijing”. He also mentioned working with Jarmo Jamalainen with the Chinese National Team the year after was a great experience and was sad that it ended and asked me say hello to Jarmo, Börje and all the Vikings.

He also remembered when I came with the first Nordic Vikings Youth Team 2011 to Beijing to Hosa Skating Center and meet his youth team (15-0). Then last year in the Chengde Winter Classic when we together managed to win against the Russian University Team from Vladivostok, with former Nordic Vikings Youth players inserted in the Hokay Team he was responsible for…. Finally he wished me Good Luck with the Hokay Players in the Bandy World Cup in Harbin… He has like many other Chinese Players started to notice the joy with Bandy…and and followed the Bandy Woman in Chengde on Televsison. He believe Bandy could get a deeper place also in China especially as it has its tradition from the natural ice in parks winter time. Best Per-Erik Holmström

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