Nordic Vikings hold the first Bandy Camp at Harbin Sport University

Nordic Vikings hold the first Bandy Camp at Harbin Sport University, The Camp was led by Jan Sjonemark, the former Swedish Nationalteam Leader who has become pioneer Legend as he brought the sport both to Hungaria and Mongolia.

The Nordic Vikings where this time representented by Per-Erik Holmström, Daniel Yunfan Zhang and Robert Alvarez Holmström. The Chinese Leader of the Camp was Wang Xue Feng and Li Bin Dong. During the Camp the Harbin Sport Universitys President Mr Zhu open interest for the sport. He had actually tried the sport back in Khabarovsk during his University Time. Among other participating was former Hockey Legends Gao Chunlin, Yu Qitai, Zhang Peng, Lui Feng, Lui Wubin, Gin Bin as well as Ciao Jian from Jiamusi.

Howvever among all this “students” the best player was a young girl Xiao Jinqui and Per-erik stated… If we together could bring this sport to the Olympics in 2022 in Beijing I believe that the Chinese Ladies could have a medal chance.

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