Nordic Vikings defeated Swedish Team Borlänge

Nordic Vikings yesterday defeated Swedish First Division Team Borlänge with 2-0.

The game against Borlänge was pretty leveled and the diffrence between the teams was prior the work of the Vikings goalies. First Swedish Peter Andersson and than later Finnish Tommi Kela who did not let anything go over the line. The Vikings took best care of their chances and caused Borlänge, a top level Swedish First Divison Team their first pre season defeat. by 2-0. In one of the last minutes of the game the youngest Vikings player 1988 Chinese born player. Chen Wie almost put in the 3-0,… but totally left alone with the goalie he couldnt score the first Chinese goal for Vikings… The next generation of Chinese players are on their way…

Scoring for Vikings 1-0 Pär Holmquist, assited by Erik Zachrisson, 2-0 Calle Suuronen, asisted by Stefan Sterner.

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