Nordic Vikings and Hokay Invent Bandy in China

Nordic Vikings today hold their first Bandy practice in China togehter with Hokay.

After the creation of Bandy Winter Classic in Chengde the first Bandy practice was arranged in China with the Hokay Team, led by Per-Erik Holmström and Hans Johansson supported by Wang Long and Zhang Yuan Hokay.

The reason for Inventing the Bandy sport in China is to help the Sport to reach the Olympics in Beijing 2022. Bandy is one of Russias and Swedens most classic and beatiful games with an tradition older than Ice Hockey in this countries. The simplicity of the game is often explaimed in the worlds “Football on Ice” as the Classic Bandy is played on a football pitch with 11 players, among them a goalie, but with a stick and ball. Players like Hans Johansson has been given a lot to this beatiful game Per-Erik ended..

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