New Victory for Vikings, Qiqihar – Nordic Vikings 2-5

Asia League: New Victory for Vikings, Qiqihar- Nordic Vikings 2-5…meaning Vikings Leading the Asia League. Game today closer than scores and game winning goal again by Fredrik Näswall.

Report from Head Coach Jarmo Jamalainen

Today I feel a little bit lucky again for winning the Game here … Qiqihar came out much better today and they played for each other. We stopped skate this game but we had a lot of chances on the Power Play whoithout doing to much and and from outside it is hard to see the difference between the Teams in the 5 to 5 game… I think this is just a little bit of a mentally probleme right now …where we is winning close games in the end and Qiqihar have lost some close games in the end. I am in full respect of the work that Anders Westerlund has done with the team so far, together with the Swedish Goup here, and hope that this young team could hang on… I promise you that when they starts to take points here they will be at least 10-15 % better… For us the Asia League Tour moves to Harbin who has rested this weekend for 2 games Tuesday and Wednesday…. Harbin Team took a great victory last sunday against Kokudo. With that confidence it will probably be hell of a battle up there….

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