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Los Vikingos won the Madrid Derby against Majadahonda with 5-3, but we lost Oscar Bergman

“So far this season Carlos has done a tremendous work with Majadahonda Team and they have been doing some really good games and have been much better than Los Vikingos so far in the season – However tonight I think we were clearly the better team already from the first period and we controlled the game and puck in the mayor part of the whole game – We are really Happy to show Majadahonda that they can not just count on three points when they play against us” Per-Erik Holmström

From a Game point of view – I was happy to have Alejandro Predraz, back after month out of duty with his lower body injury… He brought calm to the team today together with Happy… Also Aleksi Junninen from Fuengirola Lions did his first goal for Vikings, but this night it was a real team effort and you should actually mention all of them but symbolized with Spanish Junior Bruno Hernades who got the the Hat as the best player in our team handed over by Morgan Chavez…. In November Oscar Lööf the goalie was voted the best Nordic Vikings player and today in December he took the shoot he should take…

This day it was also some extra tension before this game.. We had a minute of silence for the Valde Moro Coach, who just lost his daughter… but also Nordic Vikings had a loss and just got the message before the game that we lost one of the initiators of the Latino and Spanish Group in Vikings – Oscar Bergman.. a person adopted from Cali Colombia and developed in Rögle… We will come back with more info soon… “Either life or hockey is forever take good care of your time out there ” Professor..




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