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Los Vikingos, won first game in Pamplona with 5-1 against Kosner Huarte

The Young Huarte Team came out fast in the small rink and surprised the Vikings, in the beginning but the first goal was done by the Legends Line by Alex Cummings,(assisted by Pontus Vestin , and Alex Pedraz) after interception in the mid zon… 0-1 after first. In the second the Huarte Team – capitalized on a interception and executed with shoot in the top corner – However John Wedin also took his chance in another interception in the end of second 2-1(assisted by Alex Cumming). Then Huarte had hard attacks to the Vikings goal but Vikings manage to ride out the storm. In the beginning of the third Lukas Ribbestad( assisted by Andreas Andersson) did 3-1 directly in the opener…and with two many penalty minutes for hard and late play in the third Vikings could execute on one them, 4-1 by Alex Pedraz (assist by Pontus Vestin and Andreas Andersson) and 5-1 by Edwin Lindström (assisted by Juan Bravo and Alex Cumming) killed of the game…

To Summarize the Spanish Legends Line had a great day and Cummings, J Bravo and A Pedraz all added in the production and saved Vikings many times today. Oscar Lööf closed the door in the Goal. John Wedin with the 2-1 and Lukas Ribbestad with the 3-1 together with a good team effort third was the key breaker today – In the end it became a game result according to the expectations – But new game tomorrow 14.40

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