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Los Vikingos played out Jaca, but lost the game 3-4…. Thanks to Jaca Club for arrangements

It became a quite dramatic day in Jaca when Nordic Vikings, came on Visit…Monday 6th

It all started – already on Saturday 4 with the snow chaos in Jaca – and Aragon…. And on Monday morning 6th Dec some of Nordic Vikings Spanish Players dropped out due to the traffic situation… and finally just “12 Deemed Men” 11 skaters with one goalie went up to Jaca, to protect the honor ….

I will also Thank Jaca Club for the communication about the Roads, it was clearly no problem to come there and we came home safe in the morning 7th Dec… And the arrangement in Jaca was superb with the Song “Nu tar vi dom, nu tar vi dom”… And the few players came out and played out the Jaca Team in almost two periods…  However this day Jaca, scored some fantastic goals and Los Vikingos did not took their chances ….

I think the decisive moment for this game became the “ruff” play in the end of second – for me it seems that Jaca came away to easy with some dirty play… And then they did a fantastic goal to 2-0, in the kalabalik and feelings after that…. That I as a coach will take responsibillity for..

I think the Referee missed two clear Match Penalties for Jaca in some moments there. Then in the third Jacas third goal was a real beaty and then when they also did another beaty to 4-0 the game seemed to be over…But then Vikings bounced back with two goals and they also had the fine 4-3 goal into the net, but a clear mistake from the referee took it away…. It could have been exiting in the end…

However I think we won the game in the “Virtual” version for our play – and yes it is now a new world of Ice Hockey coming to Spain – and the whole Spanish Speaking World with 500 million people could see Ice Hockey, …. and in that I think we won some new hearts for our play… and in my scoreboard the game is 3-4… But you can judge yourselves…. It is all on TV….


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