Honeymoon is over – Nordic Vikings playing Back to Back games in Huarte Pamplona 23-24 October

Honeymoon is over said Per-Erik Holmström, in the week letter to the Fans, and this weekend La Liga Games start again after a short break. Los Vikingos will go to Pamplona to play Kosner Huarte in “Back to Back” Games Saturday 15.00 and Sunday 14.40.

Huarte has became the Central Geographical Place in the middle of  4 big Hockey Regions in Spain, with classic teams like Ch Jaca in one direction and Txuri Urdin San Sebastian in the other direction at the French boarder in the Pyrenees… When you turn back in the Madrid direction – you will find Millenio Panthers from Logrona, in the heart of the Rioja district. So four La Liga Teams quite close to each other, within an hour, but all in different Spanish Hockey Regions.  Huarte who take up pieces from all regions has a quite young team and are one of the new expansion teams. I think it could be interesting games and Weekend in Pamplona hopefully with exciting Hockey.

Normally you could follow the games “Virtually” on Fedhielo TV , but the Camera in Huarte is not there yet – So this weekend you could watch other games instead and as usual Power Play in La Liga Sports TV

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