Fuengirola Lions support Nordic Vikings with Aleksi Junninen

Fuengirola Lions support Nordic Vikings in LNHH “We felt it was good timing for all parts to support Nordic Vikings, therefore we allowed Aleksi Junninen to go to Madrid this weekend for further traveling to Puigcerda and Barcelona ” Says Jari Nyman and Petri Rantanen..

“Hopefully we will see a Lion soon on the Bench as well”… says Per-Erik and add I am also happy that we have strengthen our Finnish Part of the team as Ville Kaukkila joined already last weekend and have looked good at practice…

“I am really looking forward to play Ice Hockey in La Liga – LNHH and I have heard that Puigcerda is one of the Classic Teams with a History of almost 100 years – But the visit to Nou Camp and FC Barcelona will of course be a life time experience as well”… Says Aleksi Junninen that started the last season in Swedish DIV 1 Club Malung, the home of CCM (or Jofa)…


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