From China Bandy and Winter Classic to Spanish Ice Hockey, Hannes Axell joins Los Vikingos

The Last appearance Hannes Axell did for Los Vikingos was in the Bandy and Ice Hockey Winter Classic in Chengde, China 2017… However he also was in Granada to help the IIHF Camp in 2018, so Spanish Ice Hockey is not a totally new thing for him….

“Last season Ice Hockey season became short for me, when the Swedish Federation stopped division 2 in Sweden, due to the Corona… And this season I had some logistic problems with Ice Hockey – so my main preparation has been in Bandy this season…But it also means that I have skated a lot, so I am in shape – and look forward to play Ice Hockey again”   says Hannes Axell… adding Vikings is always a little bit special…

“Well we are really Happy to get in Hannes in the Team with big skating and working capacity, and on top of that he also have a winner head” Says Per-Erik Holmström….




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