Chinese Bandy Group delayed to Sweden with almost a month, due to Visa Problem

The Chinese Bandy Group came a little bit delayed to Sweden in late August, missing the whole summer camp in Edsbyn. It meant that a totally new rescheduled program was put together for them. Supported by Arne Anderstedt and Bo Nyman in FIB – Per-Erik Holmström, Hans Elis Johansson and Jan Sjönemark was putting together a new program for them – Visiting Värmdö, Zinkensdamm, Västerås, Sandviken, Sporteva and finally Edsbyn – before finally have an own practice together at Arlanda before they left back to China… full of new experiences…

The Chinese group Led by Li Bindong, we could also see Yue Qingshuang, the Double Olympic Curling Medalist, together with Xiao Jinqui, the Captain assisted by Zhan Huiri and Yu Duchen, now 12 years old – And as usual she sang for the Bandy People again this time in Edsbyns Dressing Room.  They also got the chance to see and meet the Bandy Legend Elis Johansson – father to Hans Elis and Ola Johansson, and a person that really know how to play on natural ice as he was one of the players in the last Swedish Final on Natural See Ice at Perstorpsgölen 1948. Some other parts was to meet the Mayor in Sandviken were also Qiao Jinqui got intervjued in the SwedisH Television..

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