China Woman Team Starts to be Ready for Bandy WC in Chengde

China Woman Starts to be ready  for the Bandy WC in Bandy Chengde

We are a group that have worked hard with both the teams, Woman and Men first in Harbin but now also here in Chengde, with me, Li Bindong, Zhang Ludau, Nic Tuchai together with Wang Benyu… I think players like Lou Yue, Dai Qiuwa, Yuan Yue in defence, Zhang Ben, Ma Jin Ping and Lue Yufei in midfield and Ma Rui as a forward will be important players in this group. It would have been great to also have Xiao Jinqui, Zhan Huiri, Sun Rui and Gong Ming here – but that was not possible this time…

The China Woman Bandy Team in Chengde

JIANG Limei (gk), ZHAO Ping (gk), LOU Yue, YU Xiaolin, ZHANG Ben, DU Jiayao, ZHOU Ying, SHI Hang, GAO Qian, WANG Ruixi, MA Jinping, LIU Yufei, YUAN Xue, MA Rui (c), DAI Qiuwa, ZHAO Yibo

Li Bindong, Per-Erik Holmström, Wang Benyu, Guo Yansheng


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