China Bandy Woman played well in the WC in USA and Du Yuchen sang and welcomed everyone to China 2018

China played well in the Tournament – and almost had a draw halftime against Canada, but in the end the Canadian Team was to strong. But totally it became a great Tournament Experience, meeting also Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norway and USA in the first Tournament. It could not be possible to get such expereince in Ice Hockey for China.

To summarize the first Tournament for China their Results were not in line with the strongest competitor in the WC… But when we came to the banquet and the youngest player in the WC – Du Yuchen 11 years old – sang  “Welcome to China” the Chinese Team became the clear  Winner. And the plan is that the WC for Woman will take place in Chengde on the Natural Ice in the Qing Dynasti Summer Place 2018.

China also Thank All the Teams and especially the USA Team for the Arrangements in WC with a special thanks to Katie Swor, Chris Middlebrook, Steve Jecha, Magnus Sandberg and Magnus Sköld.


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