China Bandy, preparing for the World Championship in Bandy in Harbin

Zhang Ludau, this year Player Captain and Coaches Nic Tuchai and Per-Erik Holmström and Wang Benyu preparing the Team for the World Championship in Harbin.

This year the Team is built on the Hokay Players which will create better skating strength than last year. We also expect Daniel Zhang and Johan Chang will arrive to the tournament together with Coach Hans Johansson from Sweden. So far the preparations looks good and due to really cold and hard weather here in Harbin we have managed to the most needed things. We still have some issues to deal with and still we have not solve the shooting competence in the Team. We are also not sure how we should do with the central defence to create the wall strong wall in the middle but on the flanks we are really strong. Therefore we have also invited Lui Wubin and Wang Dahai to see if they could give us any new answers, said Per-Erik Holmström Advisor and Coach.


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