China Bandy bounce back and beat Somalia in WC in Trollhättan

China – Somalia 7-1 and “Audience Record”…

It became a game in great spirit when China met Somalia today. In a very crowded Arena Somalia surprised everyone and launched a really offensive game, and they showed everyone great spirit in the whole game. China controlled the game and took a good lead 5-0 halfway into the second half before the Somalian team did their first goal in the tournament for 1-5…The Final score became 7-1 and the best Chinese player was 14 –  Guo Xin, I will be back with all Chinese Goal scorers later… However…..

*Story of the Day – Started Yesterday, when we picked up that “New Guy”

Legend Sven Tumba once said – should I play with that “New Guy” when he was put together with Ulf Sterner, in the National Team for the first time – and after that they become a good couple… When we picked up the “New Guy” at Landvetter Airport – we found out that the “New Guy”  was not alone – he had his whole family with him including, a Nannie to his daughter Angela…Hu Xu the “New Guy” with number 4 – did his first WC game today ..  after collecting both mouth protection and neck protection it went well… Actually he and the whole family was very excited and after the game in the discussion it came up – that this “New Guy” – a good friend to Mr Zhu – would actually build the first Bandy Arena in Harbin – that probably will be the New World Championship Arena in Harbin 2018…

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