Asia League: Qiqihar- Nordic Vikings LIVE 14.00 Qiqihar, Sunday 30 October

Asia League: Qiqihar – Nordic Vikings LIVE 14.00 Qiqihar, Sunday 30 October, also AL scoreboard 14.00 China, Korea/Japan 15.00 and Europe 08.00 CET.

Report from Jarmo Jamalainen…

Yesterday I let out our number 10 Chen Wei who is only 17 years out on the ice for the first time in the League. He has been in my mind for a long time but I did not want to let him out on the ice to early… Remember that World Star Peter Forsberg was almost 18 when he did his first performance in the Swedish League and that was also very early compare to other stars… However Chen manage to come back with a point when he assisted Johan Söderström so he will be on the pointsranking today… Chen is a type of clever play that not is too big and that I hope that China will build on in the future….

The very near future is today and the second game against Qiqihar already today. We have to be Koncentrated…. It was too easy yesterday…..Chinese defender Weiyang is also possible to use in todays game the according to the Club.. I will end to thank the NHL Legend Ulf Nilsson for his kind support and touch here in China from our whole team it has been an fantastic week with his support here and we are playing for a new victory Today…..

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