Asia League Ice Hockey, Vikings lost the game in third against Halla in Korea, Next Game Sunday 28 January Halla – Vikings,15.00 Anyang, Also Als Scoreboard 14.00 China, 15.00 Japan, 07.00 Europe

Asia League Ice Hockey, Vikings lost the game in third against Halla in Korea, Next Game Sunday 28 January Halla – Vikings,15.00 Anyang, Also Als Scoreboard 14.00 China, 15.00 Japan, 07.00 Europe

Report from Head Coach Peter Johansson  
Today we meet Halla, who is one of the best teams in Asia. My team shown great attitude today but with only 13 players on the rooster it became impossible in the end. Our Goal keeper Tommi Kela played very well and we hold them 1-2… until the beginning of the third. But as I have said before we lost this game already in Kangwon on thursday. After the game there they also changed the gamecard one day later so have had two players banded, instead of one, for this game. We have also some players that get injuries from the Kangwon game, especially Taro Nihei, added to the stomach flu…Wich hopefully now is over… But It is a new game already tomorrow and I know for the moment that we will have two more players then… 

Report from CEO Per-Erik Holmström   
Todays game was much better in a fair play point of view and also I have said before that the people who works with Halla have done a tremendous work this season so it is not much to say about the game today. Halla was better than Vikings today. However the referee situation long term in the League is important for the future and each country has to build up good referees. I still think we should use local referees as much as possible and give them more chances. But as the situation is right know we should consider to have ” Neutral Game Supervisors” that could go in to the game when it clearly come on the wrong track. This is a thing that has been successfully intergrated at the ATP Tennis Tour…If I look in the current League statistics you find that.. In Korea the Home Team get on avergage 6 Minutes more in Power Play.. In Japan the same figures are 5 minutes and in China it is less than a minute…Statistics could of course shown the wrong thing and normally better teams play less in the penalty box because you dont win any games there… Vikings have had around a one minute in Power Play at their home game this season and less than average on their away tours in Japan.. Then suddenly we had more than 35 minutes more in Box Play in a game that we clearly controlled and had already won…And afterwords we get more than one player banded…just before an important game… I think this really smells…

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