Asia League Ice Hockey, Vikings lost 3-5 against Oji and are out for the season….

Asia League Ice Hockey, Vikings lost 3-5 against Oji and are out for the season….

Report from Head Coach Peter Johansson… After the last game everyone was focused on doing a good start but after a couple of chances in the beginning almost everything went wrong for us and we was 0-3 down after the first period. However in the way our team fighted and in the whole game tried to work themselves back into the game was an impressive way to finish the season. After second we were down 1-3 but this was the day when we did not manage to come close enough and the final score became 3-5…The last two games against Oji has not been good but today it was a little overambition in the beginning that keept us down….You should now that some of our players cried openly after the game when they realised that the season was over..I think it could be a good lesson to have for next season….In the end also many great thanks to our home fans you have been fantastic this season… Hope to see all Beijingers more focused for next season…

Report From CEO Per-Erik Holmström…..With Todays result the Asia League season 2005-2006 is over for Nordic Vikings. We congartulate Oji to their play off victory and wish them good luck in the Hokkaido Derby against Cranes in the semi-final. For Vikings the build up for next season starts already tomorrow and all the people that are interested to be with us in that proceess could mail to

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